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News Stories


Upon the completion of RCSA’s first home study safety module a letter was sent to the Department of Labour and Advanced Education (DOLAE) Executive Director thanking them for their participation throughout its development. The DOLEA acknowledge the gap in the delivery of OHS information and that home owners are making decisions as the end user and need away to access information to assist them in making an informed decision when hiring someone. The OHSA has nothing to do with any financial arrangements that are made between the parties. It also does not care about your personal profession. The DOLAE main concern is which role you take on under the OHSA regulations and the duties and responsibilities that attach themselves to that role.

Legislation Regarding Tradespersons Qualifications

Nova Scotia is moving to reduce the number of companies using unqualified workers for jobs requiring skilled tradespersons with legislation introduced on February 28th, 2018.  


Serious Penalty for Safety Violator

The CBC News website has a news story about "A Nova Scotia contractor who became the first person jailed in the province for failing to keep workers safe on the job" continuing to violate safety rules.



The RCSA Introduces Itself to NS Municipalities

The RCSA would like to give thanks to the The Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves to their stakeholders. They accepted our submission of an article entitled "Workplace Safety Evolving into the 21st Century" for their prominent Municipal Voice Magazine -Spring 2018 edition, published on behalf of Nova Scotian communities and their Municipalities.


Home BUILDER Magazine Publishes Article About Work Safety Practices Report

Home BUILDER Magazine had a conversation with RCSA founder David Dahr and became interested in a OHS research project written by David Dahr in collaboration with Dalhousie University. The majority of those that were invited to participate in this research project for the most part did not give their input due to the scope of their core mandate or because it was not involving the employer-employee relationship. You may read their article on the report describing the state of worker safety practices in the Nova Scotian construction industry on their website. This research project on OHS in residential construction was the first of its kind and made possible after David Dahr accompanied with Andrew Cochrane, Dean of Dalhousie met with the N.S. Labour Minister the Honourable Mark Parent.

RSCA operates from and serves Nova Scotia.