Great job, should have done this along time ago to help Homeowners.

Wally Haddad

The creation of a Nova Scotia based Residential Construction Safety Association is long overdue, to the benefit of homeowners and small contracting businesses. Without a strong association, residential construction safety issues are often ignored or misunderstood. RCSA is filling a gap in safety programing in the province. They are there to help.

Jack Kyte

Executive Director
Pictou County Chamber of Commerce

“ Before I met David Dahr, I was totally unaware of the risks that homeowners face when we contract work for our homes. David deserves a great deal of credit for educating the general public about the risks and hazards of assuming such roles. His personal passion to reduce risk and harm has certainly provided me with valuable information that I have put to use frequently when work is done on my house. Thank you David!

Andrew Cochrane – homeowner”

I have just received the RCSA Home Study Training Course. “ WOW” there is a lot of information as a home owner that I was not aware of. As a home owner I now am aware and understand my responsibility on my residential workplace and to the others I hire. I recommend that every home owner should take this course, you may be surprised with what you don't know. Thank you RCSA Team for the valuable information that you have provided for us home owners.


As a small business owner, I know how difficult it is to navigate through the Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education web site and their OHSA. I have received RCSA’s Home Study Training Course. It has simplified that process which has benefitted me as a home owner without all the confusion in what I need to know about in residential construction workplace safety. Keep up the good work.

Chris Scott

Chris Scott Automotive

RSCA operates from and serves Nova Scotia.