Workplace safety has been evolving for almost two centuries. The most recent giant step in Canada was in the mid 1990's. It was the end result of a mining tragedy in Nova Scotia. The outcry across the land was so great that it caused both the Federal and Provincial governments to overhaul and revise the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Out of this action all nature of businesses were now required to operate within the new guidelines of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

The Westray Bill - C45 known as the Internal Responsibility System was very challenging for the commercial and industrial construction industry in its implantation into the cultural shift of their workforce. During that same period in time RCSA founder David Dahr's focus went in a different direction. His concerns were directed to the residential side of the construction industry and how these revisions effected and changed that culture. More importantly was how many resources and funding on OHS education was made available to this sector.

After many years of research and various personal projects involving the residential construction sector David Dahr decided to bring together a group of experts he worked with over those many years. This group of individuals all agreed that this was the right time for residential construction safety to evolve. One of David Dahr's precious projects was the creation of his first web site specifically for residential construction, Homeowner Safety sharing his past experiences and efforts to improve work place health and safety in this sector.

Although this web site is informative and visited by over 25 countries around the world every month it was not enough. The residential construction sector needed its own safety association that could provide Occupational Health and Safety education and skills development training specific to their needs and concerns.
This association is now known as THE RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION SAFETY ASSOCIATION RCSA (RCSA for short) a not for profit organization.

Our mission is to provide a wide range of Occupational Health and Safety educational Workshops as well as Skills Development training programs in the use of various products used within the residential construction sector. We do not duplicate the pre-existing safety training programs presently available to the construction industry but may touch on some of their subject matter.

In addition to RCSA’s programs we will consult with Nova Scotian homeowners, the independent contractors and self-employed individuals to assist them in their needs and concerns when they contact us. We will also make ourselves available to other groups and associations for seminars on the various topics outlined when requested.


The mission of this association is to provide professionalism in the delivery of all our OHS skills development programs. Over time we will build and offer quality skills development training and OHS educational orientation programs to help fill the gap specific to the needs of the residential construction industry.

Providing this sector with the necessary tools to eliminate, reduce or control hazards found at their workplaces.
This will also include the proper use of various product used on a residential construction site both manufactured and built on site. This would include products used in the present day and new innovative products in our future. This will be the structure in which this association will be built on.

The RCSA’s exclusive audience are home/property owners and their independent contractors and self-employed individuals who offer their services. Helping these individuals to make informed decisions under the requirements of the OHSA and its regulations creates a healthier and safer work place for everyone at or near the work place.

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RSCA operates from and serves Nova Scotia.