RCSA has now completed our first safety training module and the public can easily access it on line from this web site. This safety training home study module, "RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN THE PARTIES OF THE INTERNAL RESPONSIBILITY SYSTEM" is at a modest price of $25.00 CA. and was designed and written in plain language. Consideration was given to the cost of this safety training module to the end user due to the fact that we could not provide our audience with a subsidy to provide it within a classroom environment at an affordable cost. Within this module RCSA also thought it was important to touch on some of the subject matter of our additional programs we will be offering our audience in the future. Q & A is an important part of the delivery of any new safety training program so if you have any questions about this home study module after receiving it please do not hesitate to contact us. When you receive this module in your email, click on the rcsa module 3 under download. Then click on save. Go to your download file to view your pdf file and click on it to open. There are three web site hot links you can click on within the module. You may also print off the module for a hard copy if you wish after you saved it. When RCSA receives conformation of your purchase we will send you your personal home study training certificate.

There is a lot more to be understood about the IRS (the Internal Responsibility System) Occupational Health and Safety Act then the general public is aware of. It reaches far beyond the basic safety training your employer may have provided you with. RCSA has provided the tools you needed to fill in this gap within this program. There is a lot of emotions and points of view from both sides of workplace safety issues (education & training) on what you should know, who should know it and why no one has been able to move it forward (politics).  Many of those that RCSA have spoken with has repeatedly said that workplace safety is all about team work. Although RCSA agrees with this policy and have always kept their doors open, many of those who are on that team has closed their doors to us. This is not what you would expect from those who  value a team player concept. In the near future RCSA will be adding a new page to our website titled,  POLITICS AND WORKPLACE SAFETY. This page will outline the pros and cons and how it effects our residential construction industry.  Your support is always appreciated, the RCSA Team.


  • The duties and responsibilities between the homeowner and the independent contractor and self-employed individuals under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

  • The various roles each party plays or takes on under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

  • Having liability insurance, WCB coverage and a written contract pertaining to the Occupational Health and Safety Act. What does this imply?

  • Due-diligence, how to identify it and apply it to a workplace.

  • What is a hazard and how do you identify it and control them.

  • Identifying various types of safety training programs that are presently available and which ones are mandatory for a construction workplace.

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